Notice the Signs

i make lists of signs i notice. every day. this is a place to share stories of signs.  just a place for you to say what you notice. forge connections. build community. find hope and calm. tell a story about the wave that knows it is part of the ocean.

if you have something to say, say it.

it’s the little things.



5 thoughts on “Notice the Signs

  1. i am a lover of signs… the little things that show up unexpectedly, full of meaning on several levels… serendipity, synchronicity, and unexplainable coincidences, freeze frame glimpses of clarity that make your arms tingle with goosebumps… i call these “billboard moments” – sign posts that mirror back and say…


    All is exactly as it should be…

    a sign can come in something someone says, or paths crossing at just the right moment, an object appearing, a certain word or phrase that stands out, the song on the radio, or even a literal billboard sign…

    over this past weekend i was thinking about the iamnowthejourney blog post “what signs” (thank you melanie!) and considered it an invitation to be deeply grateful for the signs i have been seeing after learning more how to be still and attentive…

    since everybody else in my household had other plans late one night, it came to me to just turn on the tv, which is something i rarely do during that part of my day (especially since the oprah show is no longer recording on the dvr)… it happened to be romance weekend on one of the channels, and a favorite movie of mine was playing… “serendipity”… (“Yes!!” … i smiled… 🙂

    and because of the blog (love you melanie!) and because my folks just netflix’d the movie for the first time last week and had mentioned this to me, i decided to watch it again myself…

    there were many things in the movie that i had forgotten about… i had remembered the overall story line, the romance (i am a huge sucker for a good love story) and the general gist of all the archetypal characters (some of them are really quite funny) but this time i saw even more subtleties that resonated for me during the viewing…

    some favorite lines:

    sara… “You don’t have to understand. You just have to have faith.”

    jonathan … “Maybe the absence of signs is a sign.”

    dean… “Maybe we’re lying here because you don’t want to be standing somewhere else.”

    and toward the end… “Yet even in certain defeat, the courageous Trager secretly clung to the belief that life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences. Uh-uh. But rather, it’s a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan.”

    i felt renewed, hopeful, trusting, and totally ‘In Love’ after watching…

    …especially after hearing the music and some of the words on the soundtrack

    Brian Whitman “(There’s) Always Something There To Remind Me”
    Annie Lennox “Waiting in Vain”
    Wood “Never A Day”
    Shawn Colvin “When You Know”

    when i was still in school, i started listening to songs (especially love songs) differently… after the first of many heartbreaks, i began hearing these not just as songs about love between two people, but as a poem or prayer or meditation about True Love ItSelf, the ‘Presence’ or ‘Essence of Be-ing’ that transcends any romantic notion of love…

    so when i play music, i often hear songs as direct messages about ‘I AM’… the ‘Absolute’… the ‘Highest Self’… ‘This’…

    the words of a song can suddenly translate from one story about ‘love’ ‘if’ ‘when’ ‘him’ or ‘her’ to the profound truth of ‘All’, ‘Now’, ‘Love’, ‘I’ or ‘Us’…

    from a focus on many waves, to the awareness and knowingness of ‘One Ocean’…

    yesterday i paused during the afternoon to sign (ha ha – almost missed this typing pun sign 😉 onto facebook… and i did it with the specific intention of being open to noticing any “signs”…

    at first i couldn’t quite believe it… so i looked again… and then again… and there it was plain as day… just posted by one of my friends at the top of the newsfeed…

    “take the plunge into serendipity”

    song and lyrics to “When You Know” by Shawn Colvin:

    “This is how love has found you, now you know what to do…

    You’ve found the one…
    … cos you know and you know that you know.”

    (p.s. just saw what you saw in the park today, melanie – SO Perfect!…:) xoxo

    Posted by susan | June 20, 2011, 6:53 pm
  2. I, too, have so many signs to share…I have them all the time, like thinking of someone just before they call me on the phone, even people I haven’t spoken to in months or years. But today I have a very sweet mother/daughter sign I know Melanie wants me to share. This morning at 10.29 a.m the thought came to me, check on Melanie’s blog. I followed through immediately…and there was the photograph Melanie had just posted!! Dated today at 10.29 a.m.!!! Little things mean a lot…(I think that’s a song from my era!!) but I think the Mind of the universe is always there for us, in the big things as well as the little. We just have to be willing to listen and trust. “To think is to do” – a wise friend often said to my husband and me. This morning I thought and I did! And I saw once again the unity of it all.

    Posted by Morag Frager | June 22, 2011, 3:00 pm
    • I too checked Melanie’s blog, and although I wasn’t aware of the time, it must have been 9:29 (I’m in St. Louis) because the post was only 21 seconds old. I like that Melanie, Mom, and I were all at the same place (though I’m 1000 miles away) at the same time. When I see signs I wonder if there is more meaning to them. Are they telling me to go down a certain path in life, or are they just there to notice. My thinking at the moment is they point out that we are all united and we are all taken care of. That if we let go of our story and how we think it should play out, and notice and trust, we will see glimpses and signs that everything is just as it should be. Perfect.

      Posted by Andrew Frager | June 23, 2011, 10:44 am
  3. It happened again!! I just went to your blog in case there was a new post. The time was 4.57 pm. Can you imagine what I felt when I saw at the top of the list your Music is Medicine blog and the time next to it was 4.57 pm!!! I love it. Another confirmation of the oneness of everything.

    Posted by Morag Frager | June 22, 2011, 5:06 pm
  4. Back in the winter I went to Starbucks (Hartsdale) to get a latte. The lady behind me looked impatient, agitated, and worried about missing a train. Having no pressing agenda, I told her she could go ahead of me. She lit up, smiled, started chatting…somehow she told me about a children’s book she illustrated with her oil paintings. She took my address and said she would send me a copy and inscribe it to my youngest son. I left smiling- it was fun to meet her.
    Months later, I thought of her and realized she never sent the book…oh well.
    Just the other day, I picked up my son from camp, took him for a buzz cut and went to Eastchester Fishmarket to pick up something for dinner. He asked to try the already cooked blackened salmon, so I ordered a piece. “Is that good?” came the voice from a lady who had just come in. We chatted. I looked at her again…wow, could it be the lady who illustrated the book? I asked her, and yes, it was Madeline (my childhood best friend’s name.) She apologized for not sending the book, said she lost my address, and went to her car to bring me a copy she happened to have with her. She got to meet my son. She gave us a great salmon recipe.
    Two days later, I had dinner with a friend and told her about the funny coincidence. She asked if the lady lived in Scarsdale…she does. My friend remembered her daughter knew a boy several years ago who wrote a poem. His father loved the poem and hired a local artist to illustrate the poem- my friend’s daughter owns a copy of the book. I went home and googled the artist, Madeline, and yes… she was the one!
    I wonder when, where and why I will meet her again.

    Posted by Marla C. | July 4, 2011, 11:21 pm

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