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steve jobs

steve jobs.

i never knew you. like most of us. we just know about you. we benefited from your visionary spirit. your big dreams paved the way for how we live life. how we listen to music. how we communicate. the breadth and scope of your influence is endless. bigger than most of us realize, i’m sure. i admire not only your genius. your vision. your tenacity. your willingness to work hard. but your appreciation of design and simplicity. of music. of privacy and family.

you wore a black t-shirt. but you had flare.

today i am teaching a tribute ride for you, steve jobs. benefitting the american cancer society. at soulcycle. the playlist made on my macbook pro and transferred to my ipad. the ride organized to honor and celebrate your life. your life’s work. your dreams. your influence. your inspiration. its just a way for us to come together as a community. be inspired. feel what we feel. in that magic room. as one.

everyone keeps talking about that commencement speech you gave at stanford. it wasn’t that long ago. 2005. you were so relieved to have gotten good news from your oncologist. the prognosis paving the way for more years of living. and you did. you lived and continued to dream big. follow your passion. embrace life. perhaps come to terms with the things you would have done differently. perhaps appreciate the moments more. i’m sure you continued to “stay hungry” and “stay foolish” as you advised those graduates to do. you said you wanted to live life as though each day were your last. knowing that one day you would be right. and like most things you believed. you were right. and that day came.

i never knew you, steve jobs. but i, too, like lower case letters. and i, too, want to live each day like it were my last.  and i, too, have cancer. and i, too, believe in trusting your gut. you said it so well. “you have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.” i never knew you. but i know what you meant.

and i sit here now listening to the songs that riders requested for today. hours and hours of music that inspires them. and i find myself crying. well, the tears are a waterfall. and life is beautiful. and grand. and for living. for living now. that’s what i choose. that’s what i believe. that’s what i am. i am now. and i am honored to be a part of this tribute. and i choose to trust in something. and today i will again find strength in rhythm.  and today i will again feel the power of community. and today we will let music be the medicine. and today we will shine because you shine.

i never knew you, steve jobs.  but i honor you.  and i will remember to live each day like i mean it.  and may you rest in peace.


About iamnowthejourney

i am a mom. an instructor at soulcycle. a poster girl for cancer. this is what 42 looks like. this is what cancer looks like. and i've never been better.


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