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round 4

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dukes up

so here we go again. fists up. gut strong. breathing. slowly in and slowly out. breathing. i spend so much time talking about how it’s not that bad. and how i’m feeling strong. not knocked out. finding my rhythm. but the week before the chemo treatments is a little intense. it’s the time i need … Continue reading

making a playlist

fair harbor is the backdrop. the ocean breeze my companion. beach bum making a playlist. music is good medicine. water, like cardio, is life. put it out there and it will come back. full circle is my religion. just sayin’…

too good to be true

the word is cancer. its my sign. the crab. if i’m honest about it, i always had mixed feelings about the name of that sign for my birthday in june. for whatever reason the word is electric. a jolt. means something in our culture. something evil and scary and deadly. i get it. i’m sure … Continue reading

victoria’s secret supermodel cycle

Beach Circle

the room of shade is up. enough sand today as the ocean calms. waves still big. but gentle. yellow flag. perfect. the beach circle began with yoga. moms and dads and friends and kids. amy talking us through. jason lending a hand. swimming. beading. volley ball for some. it’s the moments. it’s the little things. … Continue reading

Thought of the day

the routine is down. third time a charm. get up. deep breath. meditate. pack a bag. and off to Sloane Kettering for the chemo treatment. today I only packed a small bag. today I am not wearing my wig. today the thought of the day from Oprah: may the journey be as sweet as the … Continue reading


july 4th. independence day. freedom. the american flag. beach weekend. party at lisa and billy’s. and summer is in full swing. i have walked the same route many times. but i am now. and life is a journey. and this year freedom has a new meaning. and independence. and flags. for my birthday, LN gave … Continue reading

Beach hair

it was hard to leave today… fire island, my kids, the ocean. beach hair came to the city. and i love wigs.

today is the day

i love to collect little quotes. sometimes i find them in fortune cookies. or on my yogi green tea bags. books i am reading. posters. signs. and of course from oprah. i love oprah. what she stands for. and it is not that i watched her show all that much. of course over the years … Continue reading