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my birthday

wow. what a day. i am a sponge for love and i am feeling it today. the smile is coming from the inside. pure and simple. at the beach with my mom and the kids. lots of friends dropping by.  so many sending birthday wishes. the ocean swim was perfection. me and aiden. beautiful lunch … Continue reading

beach bum

i love the beach. the sound of the waves. the feel of the sand. don’t even like to sit on a beach chair. just a sheet. a sarong. a towel. and the melting of your body into the contours of the sand. i love the feel of that handful of sand sifting out into the … Continue reading

a little union square soul love

union square soulcycle love. on my way to my friend jamie’s movie premiere at tribeca films. it was amazing. wig is the best hairdo i ever had!! and lauren gives good hugs.

Conversations to change consciousness

Deepak Chopra. on a beautiful set at ABC in NYC. I was there for lunch. drawn to say something by the colors on the set. dark grey and fuscia. The concept is that he is having a conversation in his living room. today it is four of the leading environmentalists. it is being streamed live … Continue reading

music is medicine

music is good medicine. always has been for me. a way to feel without speaking. thoughts to process with someone else’s poetry. and yesterday kim reminded me. and gave me an idea. when i first wrote about my father on the 20 year anniversary of the day he died. two days ago. this year happened … Continue reading

Be the first domino

my father

my father died twenty years ago today. it’s hard to believe how much time has passed. how much of my life i have lived without him here.  without his voice or his touch. his bear hugs. his laugh. he never met my husband. though he saw pictures of our first date. not at my wedding. … Continue reading

what i saw today in the park :)

what signs?

one of the greatest things about writing this blog is not the clarity it provides me. it is hearing the stories of others who got something out of reading it. i still write because i need to. it helps me think. organize my thoughts. say things and let them go. clear out the clutter. but … Continue reading

Superhero Cuffs and ready for chemo